Week 6: Attempting Accurate Fretting

The major goal of this week was to further refine our design for fretting. We were given the goal of creating a fretting component that applies enough force, accurately, and without fail. Despite all the revisions we had made last week, more revisions needed to be made.

One conclusion we drew at the end of last week was that we needed to add a third solenoid to the fretting structure. We extended our design to include three solenoids per fret. This resulted in the addition of a third hole on top of the fretting component.

We also improved the general structure of the fretting component. Originally, the design was very cumbersome and blocky. The inner portion where the neck of the guitar rests was curved but other than that the structure was very rectangular. This resulted in a lot of extra, unneeded material being included when we printed the parts. The entire base was completely refactored to form fit our specific bass, and to clip along the neck. Another feature added was the splitting of the base of the structure into two pieces. This makes the part easier to assemble and was a nice addition overall.

Here is a picture of it locked and loaded: