Week 7: Finalizing the Project

This week, we re-amped the entire project and prepared for a final audition. Here are some of the finalizations of what we did regarding various aspects of the project:

Final fretting mechanism
Above is the final fretting mechanism. It features the solenoids that can generate 20lbs of force. The fretting bars feature a rail that allow them to descend on the frets of the guitar without twisting.

Final picking mechanism
Above is the final picking mechanism. It features four weaker solenoids that can spring back and forth to strum the strings.

Basic wiring diagram
This is the basic wiring diagram for how the Teensy was connected to the solenoids. We utilize a relay that switches on and off when the Teensy sets power levels for its pins. This allows power to flow into the solenoids or restricts the flow when the solenoids need to turn off. This wiring, along with the basic diagram were finished up this week as well.